Fictional Camps: Second Horizons in ‘Under the Dome’

Second Horizons is the name of the summer camp for troubled teens Norrie Calvert-Hill’s moms are taking her to when they get stuck in Chester’s Mill in season 1 of the CBS show Under the Dome.

Since they get stuck under the dome in Chester’s Mill, they never make it to the camp and the location is never revealed. Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) isn’t the only camp connection in the show.

In the “Thicker Than Water” episode (Season 1, Episode 8), it’s revealed that Angie (Britt Robertson) attended Second Horizons. This is also the only episode where the name of the camp is mentioned.

The wife of Ted Utley, a guy with a huge artillery of weapons in “The Fourth Hand” episode (Season 1, Episode 9), was killed by the dome when she was driving their son to camp. But since Second Horizons is described at one point as a “girls camp for reprogramming” Ted’s son couldn’t have been going to the same camp.

The source material for the series, Stephen King’s 2009 novel, doesn’t mention Second Horizons and only mentions summer camp in passing when one of the characters mentions that had the dome come down in the summer there would have been 3,000 tourists and 700 summer camp kids to deal with. That makes sense considering the fictional town of Chester’s Mill is located in the summer camp mecca that is the state of Maine.

Season 3 of Under the Dome premieres tonight, June 25, at 9 p.m. eastern time.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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