Fictional Camps


The following is a list of summer camp names found in movies, television shows and books. Are we missing one? Email info(at)

Beaver Falls – From the British TV series Beaver Falls
Birchlake Camp For Boys – From the 1937 movie Make A Wish
Blue Triangle Nature Fun Time Camp – From the off-Broadway show Billy Witch
Box Canyon Boys Camp – From the 1971 movie Bless the Beasts and the Children
Campamento De la Guasa – From the Spanish film Campamento Flipy
Camp Algonkian Island – From I Want to Go Home, a 1981 novel by Gordon Korman
Camp Anaconda – From the “Nicole’s Big Adventure” episode of the TV show My Two Dads
Camp Anawanna – From Salute Your Shorts TV Show
Camp Arawak – From the movie Sleepaway Camp
Camp Athena – From the “Woman of the Year” episode of Parks and Recreation
Camp Atrocious – From the “Summer Camp” episode of the animated series Dan Vs
Camp Bart – From the “Kamp Krusty” episode of The Simpsons
Camp Bear Claw – From the movie Scout’s Honor
Camp Bear Claw – From the “Unhappy Campers” episode of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
Camp Beau Soleil – From the sketch French Camp in Saturday Night Live, season 5
Camp Beaver View – From the 1984 movie Gimme An ‘F’
Camp Blackfoot – From the movie The Burning
Camp Bleeding Dove – From the movie Happy Campers
Camp Bloomfield – From the movie Mask
Camp Blue Finch – From the 2015 movie The Final Girls
Camp Bottomout – From the movie Oddballs
Camp Broderick – From the “Brian Finch’s Black Op” episode of Limitless
Camp Bushwhack – From the TV movie Bunks
Camp Campingston Falls – From an episode of the animated series Home Movies
Camp Champion – From the Disney Channel show Bunk’d
Camp Chickami – From the TV show Hart of Dixie
Camp Chinapookee – From the “Send This Ensign To Camp” episode of McHale’s Navy
Camp Chipmunk – From the movie Party Camp
Camp Chippamunka – From the movie Kronk’s New Groove
Camp Chippewa – From the movie Addams Family Values
Camp Chippewa – From the “Bunk” episode of The Famous Jett Jackson
Camp Chippewa Beaver Falls – From “The Counselor” episode of Mr. Belvedere
Camp Clear Lake – From the TV movie Down Will Come Baby
Camp Cosplayover – From the Teen Girl Squad show on Homestar Runner
Camp Craftamonga – From the “Campers and Complications” episode of the Disney Channel show Austin & Ally
Camp Crystal Lake – Green Valley, N.J. From Friday the 13th
Camp Cucamonga – From the TV movie Camp Cucamonga
Camp Deena-hahna – From the novel Memory Lake
Camp Deer Song – From the indie movie The Summer Before
Camp Devine – From the TV show Camp Runamuck
Camp Driftwood – From the movie Daddy Day Camp
Camp Eden Lake – From the novel Eden Lake by Jane Roper
Camp Edgewood – From the novel Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons
Camp Evergreen – From the movie Standing Up, a movie adaptation of the book The Goats
Camp Firewood – From the 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer
Camp Firstbassawassa – From the Teen Girl Squad show on Homestar Runner
Camp Forest Green – From the movie Friday the 13th: Jason Lives
Camp Forever – From the novel Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons
Camp Friend-Indeed – From the 1989 novel The Night of the Moonbow
Camp Granada – From the Allan Sherman and Lou Busch song “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh”
Camp Green Line – From Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
Camp Grindlestone – From the “Tale of Watcher’s Woods” episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Camp Half-Blood – From the 2005 fantasy-adventure novel The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, the first book in the Percy Jackson & The Olympians series
Camp Halftime – From the Pepsi presents Camp Halftime web series
Camp Happy Hopes – From the Showtime show Shameless
Camp Hawkwood – From the “Camp Nowhere” episode of The Nightmare Room TV show
Camp Hendrie – From the “First Person” episode of Chasing Life
Camp Hiashwaka – From the 1951 movie Week-End With Father
Camp Hiawatha – From an ’80s Hyundai Excel commercial
Camp Hochelaga – From the 1990 movie Looking For Miracles
Camp Holadios – From the hellogoodbye 2006 music video for “Here In Your Arms
Camp Hope – From the movie Heavyweights
Camp Hope – From the movie Camp Hell
Camp Horse Sense – From the 2010 movie Dear John
Camp Hollow – From the “Camp Addams” episode of the cartoon The Addams Family
Camp Hurrah – From the movie Cheerleader Camp
Camp I Can – From the book Summer on the Short Bus
Camp I Don’t Wanna Go – From the “Summer Cramp” episode of the animated series Carl Squared
Camp Inch – From the 1961 movie The Parent Trap
Camp Indian Hill – From the Philip Roth novel Nemesis
Camp Itchabite – From the musical Return to: Camp Itchabite
Camp Itchy-Owie-Bo-Boo – From the “Snappy Campers/Lucky Duck” episode of the Nickelodeon show T.U.F.F. Puppy
Camp Ivanhoe – From the Wes Anderson movie Moonrise Kingdom
Camp Iwannapeepee – from the movie Fred 3: Camp Fred
Camp Juniper Point – From the YA book Camp Boyfriend
Camp Kalterman – From the sketch Bug Juice on the Upright Citizens Brigade
Camp Kaya – From the movie Solo
Camp Kichi-Wawa – From the “Game On” episode of Faking It
Camp Kikiwaka – From the Disney Channel TV series Bunk’d
Camp Kipperman – From the movie A Pig’s Tale
Camp Kitchy Gooney – From an episode of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Magilla Gorilla
Camp Knock-A-Number – From the episode “Cody Goes to Camp” of TV show Suite Life of Zach and Cody
Camp Kobie – From the movie Magic Rock
Camp König – From the “Beaver’s House Guest” episode of Leave It To Beaver
Camp Kookalah – From the “Camp Kookalah” episode of the TV show Braceface
Camp Kookalookie – From the episode “Going to Camp” of Punky Brewster
Camp Lakota – From the episode “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night” of Full House
Camp Little Wolf – From the movie Little Darlings
Camp Machanga – From the “Teacup” episode of Man Seeking Woman
Camp Machnudin – From the 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer
Camp Manabe – From the movie Return to Sleepaway Camp
Camp Manitou – From Herman Wouk’s 1948 novel City Boy: The Adventures of Herbie Bookbinder
Camp Mapleridge – From the movie Houseguest
Camp Meadowlark – From the episode “It Was A Dark and Stormy Night” of Full House
Camp Merrie-Seymour – From the 2015 young adult novel The Alex Crow
Camp Miniwaka – From the 2017 Netflix series American Vandal
Camp Miniwakaga – From the “Hurricane Wanda” episode of Broad City
Camp Minnishwaka – From the 1951 movie Week-End With Father
Camp Mishancominga – From the 2014 movie Goodbye to All That
Camp Montebello – From the movie A Leap of Faith
Camp Motega – From the “Soon Your Own Eyes Will See” episode (Season 1, Episode 8) of TV series Slasher
Camp MVP – From the movie Heavyweights
Camp Naughty Bad Fun – What Steven calls his house with no adult supervision in the “Hyde Moves In” episode of That ’70s Show
Camp Nightmoon – From the “Welcome to Camp Nightmare” episode of the Goosebumps TV show
Camp Nippersink – From an ’80s McDonald’s commercial
Camp North Pines – From the movie Summer Camp Nightmare
Camp North Star – From the movie Meatballs
Camp Nowee – From the “Fish and the Fins” episode of Happy Days
Camp Nowhere – From the movie Camp Nowhere
Camp Okahatchee – From the 2015 young adult novel Proof of Forever
Camp Opinicon – From the animated series Ben 10 (“Camp Fear”)
Camp Oscawanna – From the “Marny’s Dad” episode of Guys With Kids
Camp Oskemo – From the movie GORP
Camp Pakuna – From the “Pop-pop:The Final Solution” episode from season 8 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Camp Pine Haven – From the “Summer Camp Secrets” books by Katy Grant
Camp Patton – From the movie Meatballs Part II
Camp Pine Ridge – From the “Bubblegum Incident” episode of Ellen
Camp Pinewood – From the TV movie Poison Ivy
Camp Placid Pines – From the movie Bloody Murder
Camp Pookah – From the MTV show Awkward
Camp Portland – From the “Mixologist” episode of Portlandia
Camp Q-Lightful – From the Q*bert segment of the animated series Saturday Supercade
Camp Quackawanna – From the “Love Loaf” episode of Breadwinners
Camp Radventures – From the TV show Aquabats! Super Show! summer camp episode
Camp Rainbow – From the summer camp episode of Today’s Special
Camp Ridgefield – The “other” camp on NBC’s dramedy Camp
Camp Rolling Hills – From the movie Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers
Camp Runamuck – From the TV show Camp Runamuck
Camp Sasquatch – From the movie Meatballs Part II
Camp Sawyer – From a Cheerios commercial
Camp Sedona – From the movie Family Plan
Camp Shalom – From the short film How To Make It To the Promised Land
Camp Shenahwau – From the memoir Memory Lake (a true story with fictional camp names)
Camp Sherwood Forest – From the novel Burnt Mountain by Anne Rivers Siddons
Camp Soonawissak – From the movie Summer Switch
Camp South Pines – From the movie Summer Camp Nightmare
Camp Spirit – From the Abby’s Camp Days book series by Jennifer Brady
Camp Stillwater – From the Freeform TV series Dead of Summer
Camp Stonewater – From the movie The Burning
Camp Sunlight – From “The Pact” episode of Touched By An Angel
Camp Sunny Smiles – From the animated series Camp Lakebottom
Camp Superior – From the movie Fred 3: Camp Fred
Camp Susquehawken – From Pretty Little Liars
Camp Takota – From the movie Camp Takota
Camp Tall Pine – From the Brock Cole book The Goats
Camp Tall Pine – From the movie Standing Up, based on Brock Cole’s book The Goats
Camp Tallpines – From the “Dennis Goes To Camp” episode of the TV sitcom Dennis the Menace
Camp Tamarack – From the 1957 film Marjorie Morningstar
Camp Tamatanga – From the “Bunk” episode of The Famous Jett Jackson
Camp ThundercloudThe Bob Newhart Show – Season 3, Episode 23
Camp Thunderhawk – From the movie The Rainbow Tribe
Camp Tigerclaw – From the 2001 movie Wet Hot American Summer and the Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp
Camp Tikihama – From the “Tuesday the 17th” episode of Psych
Camp Tokopee – From the episode “You Can’t Get There from Here” of the 1965 sitcom My Mother, the Car
Camp Tantrum – From “The Name” episode of The Middle
Camp Twisty Creek – From the BMW Ultimate Service commercial.
Camp Ujaama – From a sketch on Saturday Night Live
Camp Unity – From the episode “Veiled Threat” of King of Queens
Camp Victory – From the ABC Family TV show Huge
Camp Wahanawin – From the movie King of the Camp
Camp Walden – From the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap
Camp Wallumwahpuck – From the 2013 children’s book Like Bug Juice On A Burger
Camp Wamapo – From the “William Henry Harrison” episode of Parks and Recreation
Camp Wannamorra – From the James Patterson book Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli and Snake Hill
Camp Washiska Lake – From the young adult novel The Other Normals by Ned Vizzini
Camp Wauconda – From the 1984 movie Ghostbusters
Camp Wicawabe – From the Saturday Night Live sketch “Camp Wicawabe” on May 23, 2014
Camp Wiggen – From the TV movie The Acorn People
Camp Wiggin – From the novel The Acorn People
Camp Wannabe – From the episode “Camp Wannabe” of the TV show Weird Science
Camp Wannaweep – From the “Sink or Swim” episode of Kim Possible
Camp Wawanakwa – From the TV show Total Drama Island
Camp Weekawken – From the movie No Strings Attached
Camp Whispering Rock – From the video game Psychonauts
Camp Winnipesaukee – From Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and a Madden 25 commercial
Camp Winokee – From the “Opie Steps Up In Class” episode of The Andy Griffith Show
Camp Wonky Donky – From the “Big Time Secrets” episode of TV show Big Time Rush
Camp Yellow Jacket – From the 2015 horror movie The Hive
Camp Zion – From the movie Geronimo
Cedar Grove Fellowship Camp – From The Americans
Center Stage Camp for the Performing Arts – From the 2014 movie Stage Fright
Chippewa Arts Camp – From “The Prince of Nucleotides” episode of Royal Pains
FreeK Camp – From the books FreeK Camp, FreeK Show and FreeK Week by Steve Burt
High Feather Summer Camp – From the ’80s PBS program High Feather
High In The Wild – From the “Abbud” episode of Skins (U.S. version)
High Note Band Camp – From the “Lisa with an ‘S’” episode of The Simpsons (Season 27, Episode 7)
Idyllwild Crest School of Music – From the TV show The Fosters
Ivan Turgnovski’s Dance Camp – From the 2016 movie Dance Camp
Jenna’s Kids – From an episode of the TV show 30 Rock
Kamp Kikakee – From Ernest Goes To Camp
Kamp Krusty – From the “Kamp Krusty” episode of The Simpsons
Kamp Woody – From the 2004 movie Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
Lake Leopard Camp for Boys – From the movie Summertime Switch
Lake Tardicaca Camp for the HandicappedFrom South Park episodes “Crippled Summer” and “Handicar
Lakeside Water Ski Camp – From the movie Meatballs 4
Little Otter Family Camp – From the TV Show Camp
Lost River Camp – From the movie Piranha
New Beginnings – From the “Gay Camp” episode of Saturday Night Live
Point X Camp – From the movie Dishdogz
Poland Springs Caddy Camp – From the “Same Picture, Different Frame” episode of Route 66
Rock Creek Camp – From the 2016 movie Keeping Up with the Joneses
Second Horizons – From the TV Show Under the Dome
Shadow Falls Camp – From the Shadow Falls series of Young Adult novels by C.C. Hunter
Spirit-in-the-Woods – From the novel The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
Tall Pines Camp – From the movie Standing Up
The Enclave – From the movie Summertime Switch
Triple R Camp – From the Mickey Mouse Club Serial The Adventures of Spin and Marty
West Canyon – From the novel Yours Truly, Brad Sela by Alex Kazemi
Whispering Pines – From the Jen Calonita novels Sleepaway Girls and Summer State of Mind


  1. You have missed FreeK Camp in the fictional listings. It is for psychic teens and is found in the multi-award-winning FreeKs teen detectives series: FreeK Camp (2010), FreeK Show (2012), and FreeK Week (2014).

  2. I think the Alan Sherman song was spelled Camp Granada.
    Don’t forget FreeK Camp from the three psychic teen detective book (FreeK Camp, FreeK Show, and FreeK Week)–all with a capital K.

  3. Hello,
    you remember a summer camp movies or TV series that have these elements:
    – Big stink bomb
    – Helicopter / gyroplane to throw the stink bomb
    – A boss in a limousine with a mechanical prosthesis and leather gloves

    thank you

  4. You forgot camp Chitaqua- it’s from SPN in the alternate universe where Sam and Dean didn’t defeat Lucifer + Michael.

  5. Camp Getaloseya was a funny song (get ya lose ya) about “Cheif Danmilostya” (damn I lost ya), but I cant find it anywhere in cyberspace 🙁

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