Filmmaker Zack Snyder was a summer camp regular

Filmmaker Zack Snyder went to a summer camp in Maine affiliated with Christian Science for six straight summers when he was a kid.

The director of the recently released superhero movie Batman V Superman was a regular at Camp Owatonna in Harrison, Maine dating back to the late ’70s. Snyder has also directed movies like 300, Watchmen and a remake of Dawn of the Dead and music videos for Morrissey’s “Tomorrow,” Soul Asylum’s “Somebody to Shove” and more.

Owatonna is a boys camp; the Camp Newfound is its sister camp for girls. Christopher Read, a friend he met at camp, interviewed him for The Rumpus in 2009.

“That was a big year,” Snyder said in the interview about the year they met as 11-year-olds. “I look back fondly on 1977. Star Wars came out. My brother won black and white feather. I was in Cabin 13. I won a black and white tuft that year.”

Snyder went on to say that the camp was “a magical and awesome place.” He talks about his new movie in the video below.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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