Fish Hooks ‘Camp Camp’ Episode Recap

School is out for summer at Freshwater High so everyone heads to summer camp at Camp Camp. Oscar’s plan to get closer to Bea at camp hits a snag just before they board the bus when pop star Brandon Bubbler shows up and makes Bea swoon. Rather than hanging out with Bea he has to endure her talking non-stop about the Bubs and then discovers upon arrival at Camp Camp that it’s run by Coach Salmons.

Camp Camp is basically what you imagine a camp run by Richard Simmons would look and sound like, which makes sense considering the head-band wearing Coach Salmons is voiced by the real Richard Simmons. Shortly after arriving, the campers discover that Coach Salmons’ sister Savannah also runs a summer camp on a nearby island called Camp Crystal Waters. As you might predict there is a rivalry between the two camps, or more specifically a jealousy since Savannah and Camp Crystal Waters basically win at everything.


The rivalry between Coach Salmons and his sister basically consumes Coach and leads him to push the campers to try and compete with his sister’s camp, which they end up resenting. When several of the campers are caught by Coach Salmons trying to sneak off to Camp Crystal Waters in the middle of the night they learn the story behind Coach Salmons’ neurosis. It turns out Coach Salmons has been beaten in everything by his sister since he was young and retreated to the summer camp to be away from her and find success on his own only to have her show up and one-up with her own camp.

After Coach runs off, Mr. Mussels tells the story with the help of black and white flashback scenes and a voiceover of how Camp Crystal Waters was awarded the No. 1 Summer Camp in the Universe trophy by the Committee of Summer Camp Fun in 1986. “Coach’s summers have never been the same since,” the voice over says. Hearing this, the campers feel bad that they only contributed to Coach’s pain by leaving his camp for Savannah’s and decide to make up for it by trashing Camp Crystal Waters and stealing the trophy.


Bea, meanwhile, learns that the Bubbler isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. While he writes special rhymes to her she discovers he really likes hanging out with her because she tells him how awesome he is and when she catches him doing the same thing with another girl (essentially, the pop star version of the acoustic guitar guy at camp) she realizes how foolish she’s been missing out on the time she could have been spending with Bea.

Coach and Savannah also come to a new understanding when Savannah explains to her brother that she didn’t realize they were competing. “I thought we were just hanging out,” she tells him. “I just want to spend time with you, Dicky. You’re always so positive and upbeat. It makes me happy.”

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