Five scout summer camps in Michigan closing

Five scout camps in Michigan are set to close by the end of 2016. The closures include Camp Greilick, Camp Kiwanis, Camp Northwoods, Camp Tapico, and Camp Teetonkah.

The reasons cited for the closures in an open letter from the Michigan Crossroads Council are: “density of population served; lack of summer camp operation; utilization that is significantly below the average, proximity to other camp properties; and is not now or is forecast to be financially sustainable in the future.”

The council plans to redirect resources and focus into the other 12 Boy Scout camps in the state.

“The decision to cease operations at five of our 12 camps was not one that was made lightly,” the letter states. “Passionate discussion recognized that there are consequences associated with the closure or ceasing of operations at any of our camps. However, by shifting our focus to our active camp properties that are financially sustainable, we will have the ability to increase our funding and resources to improving those properties and programs, thereby creating an even better atmosphere of excellence.”

The remaining camps include Cole Canoe Base, D-bar-A Scout Reservation, Gerber Scout Reservation, Camp Munhacke, Rota Kiwan Scout Reservation, Camp Rotary and Silver Trails Scout Reservation.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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