Forrest MacNeil’s dad won archery trophy at summer camp

Forrest MacNeil (Andrew Daly), who reviews life experiences on the Comedy Central show Review, gets his dad to showcase his summer camp skills by shooting an apple off his head in the “William Tell/Grant A Wish/Rowboat” episode (Season 2, Episode 6).

MacNeil initially tries to “do the William Tell” himself for the review but after discovering he’s horrible at archery decides to ask his dad (Max Gail) to do it instead since he won an archery trophy at summer camp.

Unfortunately for MacNeil, he quickly discovers that his dad’s trophy, which burned in a fire Forrest caused in a previous episode when he was reviewing being a little person by walking around on his knees, doesn’t do him much good when he takes an arrow in the chest. It turns out, everyone got a trophy for participation at the summer camp Forrest’s father attended.

As is often the case in this ridiculous but funny show Forrest to keep firing arrows, not letting an arrow in his chest stand in the way of completing his review.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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