Fred Hellerman, last remaining member of The Weavers, dies

Fred Hellerman, who met fellow member of the folk quartet Ronnie Gilbert at summer camp, died at the age of 89 on September 1.

The influential folk singers first met as camp counselors at Camp Wo-Chi-Ca in New Jersey.

They would later join Pete Seeger and Lee Hays to form the folk group The Weavers in November 1948. Camp Wo-Chi-Ca was a left leaning summer camp in Port Murray, New Jersey founded in 1934 and closed in the early ’50s in part because of the increasing pressure from Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the activities of his House Un-American Activities Committee.

The Weavers sold millions of records at the height of their popularity and were a big influence on the Greenwich Village folk scene that made Bob Dylan, The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul and Mary and others household names.

They also popularized a lot of traditional folks songs, some of which are still sung around summer camp campfires today.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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