Gender-stereotyped community day camp programs draw ire

Two community day camp programs in Ontario, Canada are rethinking their program offerings for the summer after stirring controversy for stereotypical gender-specific camps.

The camps in Ottawa and Richmond Hill initially included programs with names like “Boyz Rule Camp,” “Man Cave” and “Grease Monkeys” for boys and “Girlz Rock Camp,” “Fit Chicks” and “Girls Night Out” for girls.

But both are reconsidering after receiving complaints that the programs are sexist.

Blogger Queer Femme Mama wrote in a post that she wanted to “projectile vomit all over the city recreation guide” when she read about the gender specific day camps for Richmond Hill in a post with the catchy title “Manicure camp for girls, sports for girls. Because it’s 1957.”

The Ottawa program at Dovercourt Recreation Centre quickly decided to remove all six of the gender-specific camps from the online guide, according to an Ottawa Metro story.

“When we saw the winds blowing we looked at our stuff and said ‘You know what? They’re not wrong, let’s fix it,'” executive director John Wapp told the Metro.

Richmond Hill was also reportedly reviewing the programming in response to complaints, some of which undoubtedly came in after Buzzfeed Canada picked up the story.


Richmond Hill Day Camp


What the Dovercourt Recreation camp guide looked like before the camps were removed


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. Hello and good day.

    I believe there should not be soecific names which applies sexist or gender specifications.

    Both genders should enjoy and enrol camps and they can decide in future to continue or enrol in any other activities.

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