Gloria tries to keep Manny from going to drama camp in ‘Modern Family’

Gloria isn’t a fan of Manny’s new girlfriend and tries to sabotage Manny from going away to drama camp with her in the “Crying Out Loud” episode of Modern Family (Season 6, Episode 23).

“I know what happens at camp,” Gloria says to the camera. “I’ve seen Meatballs.”

When Manny (Rico Rodriguez), who is on pain killers after getting his wisdom teeth out, discovers what Gloria (Sofia Vergera) is up to, he also finds out that the list of reasons his mom doesn’t like Kylie (Lexi DiBenedetto) describes Gloria to a T (heels are too high, clothes are too tight, she’s loud and smothers him).

“I’m dating my mother. Oh gross,” Manny says. “I used to like her but now it’s ruined.”

With that Gloria changes her tune and goes right to her computer to try and register Manny for camp before the 5 p.m. deadline.

“Maybe you do need someone like her to keep you in line while I’m not around,” Gloria says while reaching for Manny’s laptop.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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