God’s Country (2012)

The familiar summer camp movie plot device of greedy developers wanting to buy out a summer camp for commercial endeavors (Ernest Goes to Camp, Oddballs, Family Plan) is employed in the new faith-based film God’s Country.

In the low budget indie ($1 million) releasing in select theaters March 2, Los Angeles real estate agent/developer Meghan Doherty (Jenn Gotzon) is given the task by her boss to secure title on a large parcel of the Mojave Desert that is the site of a youth camp. The foreclosed land in question, called God’s Country, is owned by minister and camp director Eden Graham.

Upon arrival at the camp in her Ferrari and designer clothes, Meghan is a fish out of water, but Eden persuades her to stay, promising to sign over the property to her if, after a weeklong stay, she is not convinced of the value of what they are doing.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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