‘Goonies’-style summer camp slasher film in development

A horror-thriller-comedy set at a summer camp and based on the legend of Cropsey is in development by DreamWorks and Frank Marshall.

According to Variety, the film, to be called Cropsey but not related to the 2009 documentary with that name, will:

“…center on a group of adolescents at a summer camp haunted by an urban legend that dates back to the Colonial period. DreamWorks is developing the story as an Amblin-esque project mixing horror and humor — a la ‘Gremlins’ and ‘The Goonies.'”

Richard Naing and Ian Goldberg, who have been to fictional summer camp before writing the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th, are set to write the screenplay.

The Cropsey legend has already inspired a pair of movies, The Burning in 1981 and Madman in 1982.

via A.V. Club

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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