GORP, the other summer camp comedy named after food

While it was shot around the same time as another food-in-the-title summer camp film Meatballs, the low-budget 1980 teen comedy GORP came out nine months after America was introduced to Tripper Harrison and has more or less lived in the shadow of the insanely popular movie ever since. Watching the trailer it’s not hard to see why.

Raunchy, outrageous and most certainly NSFW, GORP is more a movie set at a summer camp – in this case a resort for rich kids in the Catskills called Camp Oskemo – than it is a movie about summer camp. It is, after all, basically about a group of waiters at a so-called summer camp who wreak havoc with antics like drugging campers, screening pornographic films during Parents’ Weekend and driving a tank through camp.

Despite being relegated to B-movie discount racks, this low-budget teen romp did, however, feature some actors who still collect paychecks like Dennis Quaid, Fran Drescher and Rosanna Arquette. And, of course, a pretty unforgettable if not very marketable title (Gorp is another name for trail mix and is more or less a backronym for good old raisins and peanuts). But beyond that, it’s doubtful I’ll even make it through the whole thing even though it’s not costing me a dime extra to stream on Netflix.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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