GQ’s Gentlemen Lobsters go to adult summer camp

Adult summer camp isn’t anything new, but it’s been in the news a lot this summer in part because of the popularity of Wet Hot American Summer and also because of the growing popularity of the digital detox camp Camp Grounded. Even Jared Leto got in on the act, delivering on an idea Rivers Cuomo had expressed interest in with his very own 30 Seconds to Mars camp known as Camp Mars last weekend in Malibu.

I’m all for summer camp, but there’s something about all this coverage of adult summer camp that gets under my skin. Maybe it’s because one of the things I liked most about summer camp when I was a kid was that there were so few adults around to ruin the experience. Or that my favorite part about summer camp pop culture is when the focus is more on the fun the kids are having than the fun the young adult counselors have at their expense.

Whatever it is, Gentlemen Lobsters nails it in the latest animated episode for GQ Magazine. In the video, Garrett and Quinn go to Camp Recharge and while Garrett gets way into activities like singing the Duck Tales theme song and other ’90s trivia mania Quinn hates it. “It’s like I’m stuck inside a BuzzFeed listicle right now,” he says after one of the other campers suggests doing a ’90s pop culture trivia flash mob.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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