Grace gets trapped in a shower, conjuring up Camp Ramah memory in ‘Will & Grace’

Summer camp references have occurred in some random scenarios on television comedies before, but perhaps none are quite as bizarre as the one from the “Who’s Your Daddy?” episode of Will & Grace (Season 9, Episode 2).

In the episode Grace and Karen end up getting stuck in Karen’s new high tech shower, the water up around their necks. While Karen tries to remember the safe word to get the shower to drain and unlock, Grace starts to have a panic attack.

“I’m back at Camp Ramah, trapped under a canoe and the counselor is saying ‘Where is she?’ and Jedidah (?) saying ‘Who cares, it’s just gross Adler!”

It’s worth noting that Ben Platt, who makes a guest appearance on the episode, is, like the show’s star Debra Messing, a Camp Ramah alum.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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