Grace’s mom tries to fix Will up with a guy Grace went to camp with in ‘Will & Grace’

Grace (Debra Messing) assumes her mom is trying to play matchmaker for her when she invites her and Will (Eric McCormack) to lunch with a guy she knew from summer camp in the “Who’s Mom Is It Anyway” episode of Will & Grace (Season 2, Episode 4).

Naturally, Grace isn’t too pleased with the idea of dating Andy Fellner (Andy Comeau).

“He sucked at tether ball, showered in his underwear and once barfed s’mores all over the lodge,” she says.

But as it turns out, Grace’s mom (Debbie Reynolds) isn’t interested in playing matchmaker for her daughter, but for Will. And while Grace at first sees it as an opportunity to once again prove how inept her mother’s match-making skills are – Andy was cast in the role of Woodchuck No. 2 three years in a row in the camp’s re-creation of Noah’s Ark, she tells Will – it all backfires when Will ends up liking Andy back.

Grace, for her part, played Noah’s wife all three years and did end up kissing “Yak No. 1 behind the canteen.” As she’s referenced on the show, Grace like Debra Messing attended Camp Ramah, which in real life is a large network of Jewish camps with locations all over the country.

The episode originally aired in November 1999.


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