Guardian angel makes a s’more on ‘Angel From Hell’ pilot

Amy (Jane Lynch), a woman who is either a guardian angel or a lunatic, makes a s’more for Allison (Maggie Lawson) in the pilot episode of the new CBS comedy Angel From Hell.

The scene happens toward the end of the episode after Allison has discovered with Amy’s help that her boyfriend was cheating on her with her best friend. Amy leaves a s’more outside the door of her office on a Sunday morning. When Allison walks out into the lobby with the s’more in hand, she sees Amy.

“I was just going to leave the plate, but I thought who eats unattended camp food,” Amy says. “FYI. Best s’more ever.”

It turns out, Allison’s late mother used to make her s’mores.

“Just because,” Allison tells Amy. “She called it my reward for being me. She’d surprise me with a plate every few months.”

Since Amy is her guardian angel, she knew that. Hence the random s’more on a plate left outside her office on a Sunday morning.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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