Guys With Kids – Marrying A Camp Counselor


A few episodes ago we learned that Chris (Jesse Bradford) went to Camp Oscawanna while on a blind date with a fellow camp alum on the NBC comedy Guys With Kids. Last week, the topic of Chris going to camp came up again briefly when Chris and his ex-wife (and his son’s mother) Sheila (Erinn Hayes) go to a bar trivia night with their friends.

It turns out Chris is terrible at trivia, but is still overly enthusiastic about it even after blurting out Vanilla Ice to a question about what ’90s duo lip synched their way to the top of the charts. How anyone could have been alive in the ’90s and not known it was Milli Vanilli is incredible, but maybe Chris was too busy out at camp or thinking about camp to notice.

“I never should have married a camp counselor,” Sheila says. Since Sheila is generally disliked by Chris and his friends, the take away from that comment might be that a camp counselor was just too good for her. Or something like that.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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