Happy Days – Fish and the Fins

Part 2, Part 3

If you ever went to summer camp with someone who became famous or even semi-famous, you can probably identify with Richie Cunningham in this episode of Happy Days.

In this episode, which originally aired in March 1975, Richie gets himself into hot water with his friends when he tells them he went to summer camp with Rocky Roads (Camp Nowee), one of the guys in the popular rock band Fish and the Fins (in real life they are Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids). His friends figure if Richie really knows Rocky he can get them free tickets to their concert at the Civic so when the tickets his mom ends up scoring from Rocky Roads are in “the rafters” they no longer believe Richie.

While Richie’s friends give him the cold shoulder and his starstruck date backs out on him, the band decides to avoid their swarming fans by crashing at the Cs house, but ask Richie not to tell anyone where they are staying. Unfortunately, there aren’t any flashbacks to summer camp of Rocky playing in the camp talent show or Richie, who was 9 years old at the time, “rescuing” Rocky from drowning in the lake but it’s still a good time.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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