Humans of New York Photographer Visits YMCA Camp

Brandon Stanton, the Humans of New York photographer who made headlines earlier this year when he discovered DKNY was using his photos without permission or payment and got them to donate $100,000 to his local YMCA to support kids going to New York Sleepaway Camp, visited the camp this week.

Stanton posted about the trip on the Humans of New York Facebook page:

Earlier this year we raised over $100,000 to send deserving kids from Bedford-Stuyvesant to summer camp. Yesterday drove 2 hours north of the city, and took a tour of the New York YMCA Sleepaway Camp. (The destination for many of the kids we supported.) Pictured below were my tour guides– Lexi and Emerald.

Even though it rained during my entire tour, everybody seemed to be having a great time. There was archery, kickball, swimming, volleyball, ceramics, painting, watersports, and hundreds of tacos.

As told to me by the executive director, Wheaton Griffin: “Our goal is to provide our campers with the same camp experience available to wealthy children. Most of our campers are here on scholarships. But they have just as much fun as kids at expensive camps. We don’t have a lot of the fancy stuff here,” he said. “And we don’t need it, either.”

The photo he posted is above. A photo and story of a camper he met was also posted. Check it out HERE and consider donating to the effort HERE.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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