Island camp in Boston carries on after bridge demolition

An island day camp that serves kids from the city of Boston is relying on community partnerships to continue offering its summer programs after a bridge to the island in the middle of Boston Harbor was closed in the fall.

Camp Harbor View opened in 2007 on Boston’s Long Island. Co-founded by powerful ad mogul Jack Connors and late Boston mayor Thomas Menino, the nonprofit camp was created through a partnership with the city and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston to “offer Boston children a true summer camp experience.”

The bridge to the island, known as the Long Island Viaduct, was closed because of unsafe conditions in October and demolished from January through April. Demolition of the bridge didn’t just cut off traffic to the island, but power and water too.


According to the Camp Harbor View website, the camp will continue to serve some 900 at-risk city residents this summer who pay just $5 for a four-week session.

“Camp Harbor View is working to ensure the summer of 2015 is better than ever for our kids. In October 2014 we were faced with the closing of the Long Island Bridge due to safety concerns, and with that a disconnect from road access as well as utilities. Despite these obstacles, the Camp Harbor View community has come together to provide the necessary solutions to move forward with camp as usual – and more fun.

We are proud to announce new partnerships with Bay State Cruises and Island Charters Inc., which will provide water transportation to and from Camp Harbor View during the summer months. In addition, adjustments are being made to the Camp Harbor View pier to accommodate the increase in boat traffic and measures are being taken to guarantee utilities to the island. Together, we are not only finding solutions but are using this opportunity to enhance the Camp Harbor View experience in 2015.”

The bridge opened in 1951 to provide better access to Long Island Hospital, a public facility that served chronically ill patients. The island facility inspired author Dennis Lehane’s book Shutter Island, which was adapted into a 2010 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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