It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Summer Camp, 1981

Dennis and Dee find old home movies in their Nazi great-grandfather’s apartment in the season 8 premier of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Among the stash is a film of them attending summer camp in 1981 with their presently on-his-deathbed pop-pop.

When they watch the footage from their time at Camp Pakuna, there are some details their fond memories left out, like the uniforms they had to wear, the salutes they did and their pop-pop lecturing them about how important it is to “take back America” from (insert racial slurs here).

The episode, which centers around a hunt for pop-pop’s treasure and a German shepherd painting suspected to be an original Hitler piece, debuted on FX on Oct. 11, 2012.

Below are a couple more screenshots from the film of Dennis and Dee with their pop-pop:

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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