Jack and Diane plan to attend Hunger Games camp in ‘Black-ish’

Jack and Diane ask their parents to buy them a new bow and arrow for Hunger Games Summer Camp in “The Good-ish Times” episode of Black-ish (Season 2, Episode 24).

The Johnson twins’ request is one of several that the suddenly financially-conscious Andre has to consider in light of recent layoffs at work and his pregnant wife wanting to take time off from work.

“We’re sending them to Hunger Games camp?,” Andre asks. “Isn’t that violent?”

His wife, Rainbow, says she doesn’t know and doesn’t care.

“All I know is they take them away for two weeks and I don’t see them,” she says.

A Hunger Games Summer Camp doesn’t technically exist but plenty of camps have been inspired by the popular book and movie series. One camp in Florida took a lot of unnecessary heat for it a few years back when a local media outlet didn’t get it.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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