Jake Peralta tells story about asthma camp in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Jake Peralta tells a story about getting poison ivy at asthma camp in the “Into the Woods” episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 3, Episode 6).

Peralta (Andy Samberg) tells the story when he and Sgt. Jeffords (Terry Crews) go out into the woods to look for Boyle (Joe Lo Truglia) while on a weekend trip at a cabin called Stink Puddle Manor. Boyle goes missing after going on a quest to find fungus.

“I’m allergic to poison ivy,” Jake says when they come across some in the woods. “I got it one time at sports camp making out in the woods with Liz Almont…Okay fine, we weren’t making out. I was looking for my inhaler and it wasn’t sports camp, it was asthma camp.”




Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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