Jason Voorhees makes cameo on The Simpsons

Desperate to find a campsite because Marge “made sandwiches” and he forgot to book one ahead of time, Homer Simpson pleads with the Park Ranger on the phone in hopes of finding a campsite in the “Blazed and Confused” episode of The Simpsons (Season 26, Episode 7).

When he’s shot down for all of the campsites he can think of, he turns to one he’s seen in the Friday the 13th movies: Camp Crystal Lake.

“Ooh, how about the campsite where the guy in the hockey mask kills all the campers?” Homer asks.


“Sir, that’s a movie,” the park ranger replies, as a creepy, Jason Voorhees-looking figure comes up from behind her.

Homer continues talking, giving out his home address and alarm code – 3679, which Jason writes on the wall in blood, making you think that he’ll reappear later in the episode but the Simpsons end up going to Blazing Man where they pitch a tent in the desert and Jason isn’t heard from again.


Jason has appeared in The Simpsons before, sitting on the couch with Freddy Krueger in the “Treehouse of Horrors IX” episode and is lurky in the shadows of an abandoned summer camp (possibly Kamp Krusty) in the “Boy-Scouts N the Hood” episode.




Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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