Jenna goes on church camp retreat in ‘Awkward’

Needing to get away and clear her conscious, Jenna goes to a church camp retreat in the “Are You There God? It’s Me, Jenna” episode of Awkward (Season 2, Episode 4).

But when she gets on the bus and sees Sadie Saxton, she realizes the retreat is going to be anything but relaxing.

Jenna’s time at the retreat feels like a Saved!-esque parody of Christian culture. There’s a Saints and Sinners dance (complete with a soundtrack of a song that goes like “Praise to the Lord, let heaven and earth praise His name…”) that’s interrupted by an intense share circle and a lot of hugs. Nearly every time Jenna turns around after arriving at camp, someone is giving her a hug.

“This is not what I expected,” Jenna says at the dance, dressed as the serpent. “I thought it would be all about trust falls and worship.” With that her gay friend Clark, who returned to church camp even after being outed the year before by Sadie, dips her and says “how’s that for a trust fall?”

The share circle turns ugly when Sadie brings up Jenna’s rumored suicide and other personal information that sends Jenna into a rage chanting “I love Satan.” But Lissa, who has reason to be mad over Jenna dating her ex-boyfriend, ends up unexpectedly being cool and sympathetic to Jenna after the meltdown.




Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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