Jenny Slate’s character in ‘Obvious Child’ wrote a book at summer camp

Jenny Slate’s character in the 2014 movie Obvious Child wrote a book while she was away at summer camp.

The character’s mother, Nancy (Polly Draper), talks about the book in an emotional scene when Jenny’s stand-up comedian character named Donna Stern tells her some difficult news.

“You sent me a chapter every week from camp,” she tells her. “It was about this little girl detective named Winks. She had a twitch.”

Slate spent eight summers at Camp Tapawingo in Maine, where she “really let loose and love doing weird skits with my bunk mates,” according to an interview in Shalom Life. She is also a published author, co-creating the children’s book series and short films Marcel the Shell With Shoes On with her husband Dean Fleischer-Camp.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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