Jeremy Sisto played CIT in 1991 movie ‘Grand Canyon’

Actor Jeremy Sisto made his screen debut as a character who goes away to camp to work as a counselor in training in the 1991 movie Grand Canyon.

Sisto plays Roberto, who goes away to Camp Doubletree in the middle of the movie. The camp only makes a brief cameo when Roberto is shown talking to a camper who is being bullied while his camp girlfriend Amanda waits nearby. Actress Marley Shelton also made her screen debut as Amanda. Her only lines in the movie are “there’s my parents” as the couple pulls up to the drop-off spot after camp in the bus.

When Roberto’s mom meets Amanda’s parents, she’s surprised to hear from them that Roberto was planning to go to their house in San Diego for Thanksgiving. While Amanda had told her parents all about Roberto and her time at camp in letters, Roberto hadn’t sent his mom any.

When she asks him in the car ride home how summer went, his response was classic adolescent boy.

“At camp?” he says. “Camp was okay.”

The name of the camp is shown only briefly on Roberto’s hat when he’s dropped off before camp. During the departure scene, Academy Award winning actress Marlee Matlin can be seen in an uncredited role as a mom using sign language to communicate with her child.




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