Jesse Eisenberg sues over Camp Hell promotion

The Social Network star and Hollywood bigshot Jesse Eisenberg is reportedly suing the producers of Camp Hell (aka Camp Hope) for what the Washington Post characterizes as “making it seem like he starred in a terrible movie.”

Jesse Eisenberg played a bit (emphasis on bit) part in the film about a religious summer camp in New Jersey invaded by evil apparently as a “favor to longtime friends” for $3,000. Camp Hell writer and director George VanBuskirk produced the film, Roger Dodger, that gave Eisenberg his first big break, in 2002.

VanBuskirk based the script off of his experiences growing up in an intense Catholic community in New Jersey called the People of Hope. Like Eisenberg’s face on the cover of the DVD, the tagline “inspired by true events” is at best an example of stretching the truth for the sake of marketing.

Eisenberg’s character – a psychiatric patient who meets with the priest who runs the summer camp in the beginning of the movie – makes little sense in the grand scheme of the movie, which is surprising considering his face was used in some of the materials to promote the film. No doubt people have been duped into buying or renting the film thinking it was a Jesse Eisenberg movie, but is a lawsuit really necessary? For $3 million, no less?

Ah, Hollywood.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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