Jewish Summer Camp Mafia by Malina Saval


Malina Saval, writer of the nonfiction book The Secret Lives of Boys: Inside the Raw Emotional World of Male Teens, has a new novel out that’s set at a Jewish camp titled Jewish Summer Camp Mafia

Here’s the description:

17-year-old Mushky Mendelssohn has big plans for the summer before her senior year of high school: study for the SATs, pad her college résumé with an extra English literature class, and visit her BGF (Best Guy Friend) Matthew Berkowitz out in sunny California.

But when Barrie, Mushky’s boy-crazy ABFF (Almost Best Friend Forever) from home, talks her into taking a job as a counselor at Camp Kippewanscot, a reform Jewish sleep-away summer camp in the Poconos with an optional kosher meal plan and cups of watered-down Manischewitz – “We’re practically guaranteed to meet a hot Jewish guy,” Barrie tells her – Mushky reluctantly agrees. When at the last second Barrie decides to bail and spend the summer with her newly divorced dad at a beach resort in Thailand, Mushky finds herself going to camp alone.

Stuck in the middle of mosquito-infested rural Pennsylvania, at a camp where she knows absolutely no one, Mushky searches fruitlessly for the hot Jewish guy that Barrie promised. Which is when she meets Devin McGillicudy, aka “Dev,” a fellow counselor who’s hot, blonde, and 20-years-old. And definitely not Jewish.

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