John Early is distracted by camp memories in ‘The Characters’

Comedian John Early plays a guy on a first date who is distracted by memories of summer camp in his episode of the Netflix sketch comedy series The Characters.

“Earlier today I saw some friends from camp and uh there was like this distance there that wasn’t there when at camp and that was just hard cuz I considered those people to be my family,” Early’s character says to his date, Shannon, in the sketch. “Cuz when you’re in a place for eight weeks, that limited amount of time like you open your heart in a way that you wouldn’t like necessarily open your heart in your daily life…”

He keeps going and eventually gets choked up talking about being stood up by those camp friends. Shannon then asks when he went to camp (“’01”) and how he got the scar on his head “trust fall injury”).

Early attended camp in real life for a number of years. He told Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last year that he went to a couple Christian camps and a performing arts camp. He was asked about camp because of his short but memorable role as a staff member auditioning for Electro-City in Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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