Johnny Test – Lakeside Johnny


Much to his chagrin, Johnny goes away to Camp Unanoonoo Wakkawakka in “Lakeside Johnny,” the first half of the episode of Canadian animated series Johnny Test that aired in January 2012. Johnny’s parents send him to the broken down old camp because his dad went there and loved it, but Johnny’s not so sure. “Nothing says fun like wearing a dead animal on your head,” he snarkily remarks while boarding the bus to camp wearing his dad’s old raccoon hat from camp.


Once at camp, Johnny and Dukey immediately run into Eugene “Bling-Bling Boy” who is attending Camp Gottawaddalottamoney, the rich kids’ camp that has a long tradition of beating Unanoonoo Wakkawakka in the annual Muckadoodoo Games (Muckadoodoo is the name of the lake that separates the camps). Determined to beat Eugene at his own high-tech game of bending the rules of the competition, Johnny makes a friendly wager and enlists his sisters, who are attending the nearby Camp Wesmartayounotta, to help him out cheat the cheater with technology. If Eugene’s camp wins, he gets to kiss Johnny’s sister Sue. If Johnny’s camp wins, Eugene and his fellow rich kids have to wait on them the rest of the summer.

It’s basically the making of a great summer camp movie condensed to a 15-minute block of TV time so the games begin almost as soon as everyone arrives. Johnny’s at camp long enough to smell the food (“brown goop or green goop, red mush or yellow mush?”) make some friends in the dining hall who end up becoming his teammates.

You can probably guess what happens when it all comes down to a race between two heavily modified canoes.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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