Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears a camp t-shirt in ‘The Night Before’

Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears a summer camp t-shirt in the new movie The Night Before that he stars in with Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie.

According to an article in Bustle, Gordon-Levitt wears a Camp Powhatan shirt in a flashback scene in the film. Director Jonathan Levine attended the camp and worked there as a camp counselor for about a decade. The camp closed in 1996.

Levine reportedly put the easter egg in the movie about three friends partying in New York City on Christmas Eve because he wanted to add a few details in the movie that only his closest friends would recognize.

Unfortunately, the flashback scene doesn’t get teased in the trailer. Below is a photo of a Camp Powhatan t-shirt from the Seeds of Peace Flickr account. The Seeds of Peace Camp is located on the former Powhatan property.


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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