Josh and Rebecca look at summer camp photos in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend went back to the summer camp story line well in “Josh and I Are Good People” episode (Season 1, Episode 5).

The episode opens with Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) meeting up at a bubble tea place called Cup of Boba, where they look through a photo album from their time at Camp Canyon Grove in 2004.

“There’s you lifting weights, it was cute; there’s you flexing, cute, cute, cute,” Rebecca says, paging through the photo album. There’s also a photo of Josh at the camp chapel. “Remember, you were the only one who went in there?” she says.

“Yeah, I know it’s not cool to believe in God and stuff, but I do,” Josh says.

Unfortunately, the only photo they show is from the flashback scene in the first episode.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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