Josh tries to keep his summer camp relationship secret in ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend didn’t have any summer camp flashback scenes in its second episode (“Josh’s Girlfriend Is Really Cool“), but it did play off the Rachel-and-Josh-met-at-camp storyline again.

Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) runs into Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) and Josh’s girlfriend at a grocery store late at night and when Valencia (Gabrielle Ruiz), who refers to Rebecca as “a homeless,” asks how they know each other, Josh plays it off. 

“This is my friend Rebecca; we um met in summer camp like a million billion trillion gazillion years ago,” he tells her. “We were like eight years old, right Rebecca?”

Rebecca goes along with the lie – they actually met and dated as teenagers 10 years ago – but as lies usually go on sitcoms, Valencia eventually finds out. Turns out, Josh dated Valencia the first time before he went to camp and didn’t want her to know about his summer fling with Rebecca.

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Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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