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“Kamp Krusty,” the season premiere of The Simpsons’ fourth season in 1992 is one of the iconic episodes of the franchise’s remarkably long history. So iconic in fact that Kamp Krusty spawned a couple of toys and various other merchandise items you can find floating around the web.

The Kamp Krusty Bart action figure captures him in his Lord of the Flies phase of the episode when he leads an overthrow of the camp. The second toy shows the Camp Bart flag he replaces the Kamp Krusty flag with and a remorseful Krusty begging for forgiveness for leaving his camp in the hands of the evil Mr. Black and his goons while at Wimbledon. Krusty makes it up to the kids by taking them on a trip to Tijuana for the last two weeks of camp.

Both toys are available on Amazon.

Kamp Krusty Bart

Bart and Krusty Kamp Krusty

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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