Kellogg’s replacing SMORZ with Krave S’mores cereal

Kellogg’s has good news and bad news for cereal loving s’mores fans.

The bad news is its s’mores cereal SMORZ is being discontinued in December. The good news is, a s’mores flavored cereal is being added to the Krave line. The box cover won’t be quite as cool looking as SMORZ but at least there will still be a s’mores-flavored option in your cereal aisle.



Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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  1. Why can’t they just leave a good thing alone????? My sister pretty much lived on S’mores cereal, it was the only thing that ever sounded good to her and now they just take it away with NO NOTICE…. had we known we would have stocked up…. Big BOO on you Kellogg.

  2. Seriously! !! I was afraid of this. I knew I could no longer find Smorz for a reason. Pretty much the ONLY cereal I liked. K rave will not compare 🙁
    PLEASE bring SMORZ cereal back!!!!!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree! The best thing about marshmallow cereals is that there are marshmallow pieces in them! You can’t even taste the marshmallow or chocolate in the Krave cereal. I never plan on buying it again; I was so disappointed. The Smorez cereal was absolutely perfect.

  4. I went to 3 Walmarts to try to find my beloved Smorz cereal, to introduce my favorite cereal of all time to my sister who is visiting from Germany, only to find out that this cereal is discontinued! Krave smores is disgusting, I just tried it. Bah! I want my smorz back! I will boykott Kelloggs until they bring Smorz back and I hope I will be joined by many others. Kelloggs, you suck! That is just stupid to replace a good cereal with such a poor immitation. No marshmallow bites, no taste to the cereal itself, what the f? WHY????

  5. I am very disappointed to hear that Smorz has been discontinued. Please bring it back! It’s the only Kellogg’s cereal I buy.

  6. Why? Why? Why? Krave cereal is GROSS!! I’ve tried it and gave the rest of the box away. I guess I’ll have to switch to my second, Cookie Crisp, made by General Mills!!

  7. I can’t believe that I can’t find my favorite cereal anywhere!!! I agree with the other posts- BRING BACK SMORZ PLEASE!!!! I pretty much lived on your cereal and without warning- ITS JUST GONE= HEARTBROKEN 🙁 Also, I tried the new Krave version and it tasted SPPPPO BAD. You finally had a good thing going Kellogg’s so I hope you do the right thing and put THE REAL SMORZ back in the markets.

  8. This is a bunch of crap, why would they take that away??? Its my favorite cereal. Krave sucks compared it. Is there anyway to get them to bring it back??

  9. Really? There is no comparison between the two, soo disappointing. Please reconsider and bring back original Smores cereal!

  10. Please Please, I’m on my knees begging, bring back SMORZ! Couldn’t find it in my stores so I bought Krave. Gave it to my kids to try, they took a couple of bites and said they aren’t eating it. Tgey said its nasty and taste nothing like Smorz. Just bring back the original SMORZ and we all will be happy! Please do it ASAP cause my kids are about to be out of school and that was their favorite morning breakfast! Please Please!!!!!!

  11. if it tasted the same,i wouldnt mind all that much.But you want to flip the script and change up the flavor and everything?If it’s NOT broke,DON’T FIX IT!Judging by the comments,if the flavor’s changed to something that’s Gosh awful?IT’S GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Yes…my son loves smores and was crushed after we looked in several walmarts and cud no longer find them…this will be his first time trying the krave I really hopes I likes because he misses his cereal that he has been eating since kindergarten and he is nos in the eighth grAde trying out new cereal to find another favorite kind….please Kellogg bring back SMORES!!!!

  13. Well now I know why I can’t find Smorz anymore. I tried the Krave version thinking it would be close and would hit my craving for Smorz pretty spot on. Well I was wrong!! The Krave version is ok, but it don’t beat Smorz original. I am sad to see this. Smorz was my favorite cereal next to the discontinued Waffle Crisp and the Krave version don’t hold a candle to the original Smorz!! Why is it that my most favorite cereals are the ones to be discontinued? I realize that cereals are now trying to be more healthy, but please leave the option out there for people to choose which way they want to go. Too much “big brother” involved with everything now days.

  14. Nooo! Smorz is the Only cereal my picky fifteen year old will eat! I was wondering where it has been and I’ve been going nuts trying to find a breakfast she will eat. Why!

  15. The old Smorz was the best. Krave gets soggy too fast. It cannot compete with the old Smorz with the marshmallows. My kids still ask for the old Smorz, it was a family favorite!

  16. Krave is a joke. Doesn’t hit the “krave”. Taste nothing like the original. My son and I are very unhappy. Bring it back!!!! It’s our favorite and what we always bought (4-5 boxes at a time) bring it back in bigger boxes

  17. You will make more money If you bring this cereal back. Bring it back, you will get all your fans back. Krave cereal sucks. Doesn’t compare at all.

  18. So many people complaining about how the “ORIGINAL” vastly superior Smorz cereal was replaced by the Krave version. What they don’t realize is that there used to be another Smores cereal that was even better than the Kellogg’s version… the original original…

    S’mores Crunch Cereal by General Mills!!!

  19. booooooooo!

    Smorz was one of my favorites. The only place I could get it was Walmart, i figured they’d canned it, guess I was right.

    Bring it back Kelloggs! We need a petition!

  20. I guess Kellogg’s thinks you can paint a school bus red and it’s just as good as a fire truck. Smorz cereal was the only cereal I truly liked and never got sick of. Other cereals I like just get bland after a while. Just because they’re both “s’mores” cereal doesn’t mean they’re anything alike.

  21. Krave smorz cereal tast like shit and when I was done eating it I got food posing I don’t know why but smorz cereal took me to a better place the lest you can do is give every one a reason why you discontinued the all time favorite cereal.

  22. Another big Smorz fan trying to find out why I can’t find it anymore! Fire the person who decided to discontinue it!

  23. wow, a lot of upset parents who are blaming Kellogg’s for their children’s grief. MY PICKY 15 YEAR OLD SISTER LITERALLY ONLY ATE THIS AND NOW KELLOGG’S HAS KILLED HER BY REMOVING THIS SUGAR BLOATED PRODUCT FROM THE SHELVES.

    Granted I’m only here because Smorez was my favorite cereal, but jesus apparently some of you literally raised your kids through cereal.

  24. Please don’t take Smores away again. Krave is not good. The Malt O Meal is not good either. Please send me 10 boxes before you throw it all away.

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