Kevin Smith’s ‘Moose Jaws’ will be set at summer camp

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is currently filming the second of his True North Trilogy of films set in Canada, but he’s already planning ahead for the third, which is essentially Jaws with a moose instead of a shark.

The New Jersey filmmaker whose first film Clerks was a breakout independent hit despite a budget of less than $28,000 in 1994, noted in a Reddit AMA that Moose Jaws will be set at summer camp.

“It’s very simply JAWS with a moose,” Smith wrote. “Set at a summer camp. Robert Kurtzman building giant man-eating moose.”

The other two films in the True North Trilogy include the recently released Tusk, starring Justin Long as a podcaster who gets trapped in Canada, and the in-production Yoga Hosers.

Below is a fan-made trailer for the movie.

via Nerd Core Movement

Matt Ralph

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