Kim Possible – Sink or Swim

The second episode of the Disney Channel show that originally aired back in 2002, “Sink or Swim” was the first of two episodes of the animated series set at summer camp.

In the episode, Kim Possible and her cheerleading team end up at Camp Wannaweep when their tire blows out on the way to a competition and quickly learn that the camp is the source of many painful memories for Ron.

Once there, people mysteriously disappear and Ron comes to face to face with a mutated version of his camp nemesis, Gil, who now goes by Gill because he is a giant sea monster. With Kim and the rest of team captured, Ron must overcome his fears and defeat Gil – who mutated because he switched his craft time with Ron for extra swimming time in the polluted lake – to rescue the rest of the team.

Part 2 | Part 3

Did you watch Kim Possible? Where does this rank with the other episodes of the series? Do you feel bad for Ron or identify with him having such a bad camp experience?

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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