Doug and Carrie on ‘King of Queens’ met at church camp, or did they?

Set right before Doug and Carrie got married, the “Veiled Threat” episode of King of Queens finds Carrie so nervous she’s throwing up thinking about the wedding. Carrie’s anxiety finally subsides when they go to meet with the priest and he tells them a story about how they met at Camp Unity when they were kids.

According to the Father McAndrew (Joe Flaherty), they met on the last day of camp when Carrie (Leah Remini) got into a fight with a girl and fell off the bleachers onto Doug (Kevin James), which caused him to choke on a hot dog and her to call him gross and run away.

Carrie is convinced that the story of their meeting is a sign from God, but Doug finds himself in a bit of a bind when he learns that it was actually his brother Danny (Gary Valentine) who met Carrie at Camp Unity. Doug, it turns out, was actually at football camp that summer.


Or at least that was what his parents told him. It was really fat camp. The episode originally aired Nov. 19, 2001.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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