Kirk Cameron pursues summer camp sweetheart in ‘Star Struck’


Back when Kirk Cameron was still known for playing Mike Seaver on the popular sitcom Growing Pains and not for starring in low budget Christian movies, he played the part of Runner in a TV movie about a cornball guy from the farm trying to woo a bitchy Hollywood actress he fell in love with as a 12-year-old at the fictional Camp Winnepaw.

The movie is full of many of the mid-’90s trappings you would expect from a made-for-TV production that originally aired on CBS in 1994 and a fair share of the overstated wholesome values for which Cameron and his co-star and real-life wife Chelsea Noble are known. For example, when the actors have their first adult kiss, Runner sweeps his right leg in the hay (they are in a barn) to make sure Robyn’s left leg is bent in the classic romantic movie pose (earlier he notices her hesitation to do this while kissing someone else).

Before the big kiss in the barn, there is the classic storyline of a guy lying his way onto a movie set, falling into a job as an assistant to his summer camp crush who doesn’t recognize him (she’s become too hardened by Hollywood as evidence by the fact that she smokes and routinely fires assistants) and winning her over despite attempts by her evil manager to get him out of the picture and advances from a leading actor (D.W. Moffett). Since a TV rom-com would not be complete without a stood-up-at-the-altar scene, the movie ends with Robyn finding the summer camp craft – a flower painted on a shell necklace – she gave Runner right before marrying the wrong guy.

Fortunately, Hulu has the entire movie online for your viewing pleasure. Kirk and Chelsea, incidentally, run a real life summer camp in California called Camp Firefly, which for terminally and seriously ill children an expenses paid week-long camp experience.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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