Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon sing Toto in Camp Winnipesaukee sketch

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake revisited their summer camp days playing campers at Camp Winnipesaukee circa 1983 in a sketch on last night’s episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Timberlake brings back memories of his ‘N Sync days with a curly hair wig and both wear braces and slobber as they belt out a new song they learned, “Africa” by Toto.

Check out the clip below HERE.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

I'm the editor of Summer Camp Culture and also blog at Tangzine.com and MatthewRalph.com. I live in the Philadelphia area and went to camps and camp meetings growing up in Ohio, Maryland and New Jersey.


  1. That sketch was hilarious and brought it all back- it’s so funny because the campers in my upcoming book CAMP BOYFRIEND call the director Gollum because obsessed with his whistle which they call his precious- cannot stop laughing from that video!!

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