‘Late Show with David Letterman’ visited Camp Towanda in 2000

The Late Show with David Letterman sent Biff Henderson to visit Camp Towanda in a segment that aired on the show’s 7th anniversary episode in August 2000.

For his segment, Biff, who attended camp himself in Massachusetts, interviews campers, catches them up on the news, plays some basketball, conquers the climbing wall, takes over the camp PA, gets kids going down a toboggan slide to yell names of world leaders, plays reveille, tells a scary campfire story about social security and more.

The northeastern Pennsylvania camp in Honesdale would later become known as the filming location for the 2001 cult favorite Wet Hot American Summer.

Check out the segment from the Late Show with David Letterman, which will air its finale tomorrow (May 20, 2015), below:

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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