Lauren reconnects with a guy she went to camp with in ‘Younger’

Lauren has a chance encounter with a guy she went to summer camp with in the “Last Days of Books” episode of Younger (Season 3, Episode 3).

In the episode, Lauren (Molly Bernard) takes Kelsey (Hilary Duff), whose fiancee recently died, out to a bar to take her mind off things and ends up running into a guy named Max Hororitz (Ben Rappaport) who she knows from her Camp Ramah days.

“Last time we saw each other I think we were both getting checked for lice in the nurse’s office,” Max says to her in the crowded bar. “Should I get us a drink before we start talking color wars.”

While Lauren – still convinced the blue team was doping in Color War by the way – typically only dates women and currently has a girlfriend, the old camp friends end up spending the night together.

While meeting up with Kelsey and Liza (Sutton) for bread sticks after their night together, Lauren sees that Max has already posted a photo of them in a tent at camp that his mom found. “Oh my God he’s already told his mom about me,” she says. “I should end it.”

But by episode’s end, they’re still together. The camp connection – him being an attractive, successful doctor doesn’t hurt either – is just that strong.

This isn’t the first time TV show characters have reconnected romantically with someone they knew from camp. It also isn’t even the first time involving Camp Ramah alumni. Shoshanna had a similar story line in an episode of Girls and Mindy reconnects with a boy she knew at camp (played by guest star Seth Rogen) in an episode of The Mindy Project just to name two examples

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