Letterman’s Top 10 least popular summer camps

David Letterman counted down the Top 10 least popular summer camps in the July 16, 1990 episode of Late Night with David Letterman.

10. Camp Tick in beautiful Lyme, Connecticut

9. Camp Geraldo

8. Back yards-of-people-who-don’t-seem-to-be-home tenting holidays

7. Amish Computer Camp

6. Dr. Kervorkian’s Build-Your-Own-Suicide-Machine and Tennis Camp

5. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’s Camp for Kids Whose Parents Don’t Love Them, Don’t Want Them Around, and Won’t Even Pay for a Halfway Decent Camp

4. Gerry Cooney’s Camp for Big Clumsy White Kids

3. Incontinent Palomino Western Trail Ranch

2. Camp Sissy-Boy

1. Mickey Rooney’s All-Nude Outward Bound

via Orlando Sentinel

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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