Letterman’s Top 10 Signs You’ve Sent Your Kid to a Bad Summer Camp

David Letterman counted down the Top 10 Signs You’ve Sent Your Kid to a Bad Summer Camp on the June 5, 1992, episode of Late Night with David Letterman.

10. When You Meet Camp Owner, He Keeps Asking “How Do I Know You’re Not A Cop”

9. Picture of Mickey Rooney Appears in Logo

8. They Award Prizes for Best Rash

7. Your Daughter Starts Using a Lot of Prison Slang

6. You Get Ten Page Letter From Son Detailing His Love For the Reverend Moon

5. Child Says On Phone He Saw Counselors Rough Up Crew from 60 Minutes

4. Son Comes Home With Poorly-Stitched Incision

3. You Spot Your Kid in Bad Part of Town Paving Driveways

2. Youngsters Take Turns Being Camp Doctor

1. Mess Hall Has A Cash Bar




Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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