Lisa gets accepted to High Note Band Camp in ‘The Simpsons’

Lisa Simpson gets accepted to the “best band camp this side of the Mississippi” in the “Lisa with an ‘S’” episode of The Simpsons (Season 27, Episode 7).

But when Homer blows his money in a card game with his friends, Lisa’s dreams of attending the camp actor Pete Barbutti purportedly attended are put on hold.

Instead of band camp, Lisa ends up going on the road with Laney Fontaine to pay back the debt Homer owes her from the poker game. Fontaine, who based on the real-life actress Elaine Stritch, first appeared on The Simpsons when she performed at the Springfield Playhouse in the “My Fare Lady” episode (Season 26, Episode 14). She ends up at the poker game because she’s dating Moe.

Since Lisa never goes to camp, High Note isn’t shown but the brochure “Memories, Mosquitoes, Mozart!” and the website is shown. When Homer asks which side of the Mississippi they’re on again, Lisa says “It doesn’t matter. It’s a great camp!”


Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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