Liz goes on a date with robot she met at summer camp in ‘Man Seeking Woman’

Man Seeking Woman is an original comedy, emphasis on original, that is known for creating surrealist date scenarios for the show’s main character Josh Greenberg (played by Jay Baruchel) with trolls, monsters, cupid-struck knockouts and more.

But in “Teacup” (Season 1, Episode 9) his sister Liz (Britt Lower) is the one navigating the dating world after breaking up with her boyfriend, a journey that eventually leads to their mom setting her up on a date with a guy named Chip she knows from her days as a camper at Camp Machanga.

In a show where no date is ever what you would expect, Chip turns out to be a robot who confesses at dinner – after torching her undercooked steak – that he has had a crush on her since she won the long swim at camp.

“Wait, you remember that?” Liz says to Chip at dinner.

“I have never deleted the memory,” he responds, before sweet-talking his way back to her place in a date that starts off bad, gets better in the middle and ultimately ends in failure.

The storyline of reconnecting old friends from summer camp has been done before on shows like The Mindy Project and Girls – it didn’t end so well for Mindy or Shoshanna either – but it’s probably safe to say this is the first time that old camp friend was an actual robot.

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