Looking For Miracles (1990)

Looking For Miracles was a 1990 feature length film directed by Anne of Green Gables writer/director and producer Kevin Sullivan.

Based on the memoir of A.E. Hotchner – who was Paul Newman’s Connecticut neighbor and business partner for the Newman’s Own brand – the movie tells the story of Ryan Delaney, a 16-year-old determined to make a better life for himself, his younger brother and his struggling single mother.

Ryan earns a scholarship to university but sets out to find a way to earn the rest of the money he’ll need, which leads him to interview for a job as head counselor at Camp Hochelaga. Despite his age, lack of experience and fear of water, Ryan lands the job and ends up taking pity on his pesky brother (played by Zachary Bennett of Road to Avonlea fame) and bringing him along for the summer as well.

The DVD is available directly from Sullivan Entertainment.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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