Lorelai Gilmore got kicked out of camp for not calling her counselor Peaches

Gilmore Girls is now available for binge-watching on Netflix, which reminds me that Lorelai Gilmore was kicked out of camp when she was a kid because she refused to call her counselor by her camp nickname.

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) tells her daughter Rory the story while trying to convince her to stay home from school with her while she entertains her father for a visit. The last time she’s been alone with her father for an extended period of time, she tells Rory, was when she was kicked out of summer camp.

“I was kicked out of summer camp for refusing to call the camp counselor Peaches because I thought the entire concept of the counselors choosing summer fruit names was stupid,” she said in the Season 2 episode titled “Richard In Stars Hollow.”

“So they called my dad and he came to get me and it was just the two of us alone in the car all the way from Maine with nothing to talk about but my camp failure. Luckily I had also flashed the swim team or even that subject would’ve gotten stale.”

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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