Lorelai sees camp nemesis at her father’s funeral in ‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’

Lorelai runs into her old camp nemesis and short-lived boyfriend Jason Stiles (Chris Eigeman) in the “Winter” episode of the Netflix series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

The former campers at the fictional Maine summer camp Camp Chataguay briefly catch up at the funeral for Lorelai’s father, Richard, who was a business partner of Jason’s introduced in season four of the original TV series.

After calling Lorelai (Lauren Graham) “the hottest Italian widow” he’s ever seen, they make small talk and call each other by their camp nicknames before saying goodbye. Jason’s nickname was Digger and Lorelai’s was Umlauts, presumably because of the show she gave the other campers with her wet camp t-shirt after Digger flipped a canoe they were riding in.

The canoe-flipping incident came up in the “Affair to Remember” episode (Season 4, Episode 6).

JASON: You’re still mad about that.
LORELAI: I was fully dressed.
JASON: I remember – green T-shirt, no bra.
JASON: Trust me, I was the hero of cabin five for the rest of the summer.

Lorelai later got sent home from Camp Chataguay for either not calling her camp counselor Peaches or because she tried to liberate the horses.

Matt Ralph

Matt Ralph

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